Crystal and Dan Nells (C&D), moved to Indiana from Chicago, Illinois. After moving to Indiana and loving our wooded property, we decided we wanted to earn a living on our land. After looking into many options, we decided that hogs were the direction we wanted to take.

We did lots of research and further decided that we wanted them to live in the best conditions we could provide where they could behave as hogs. We purchased our breeding stock from a reputable breeder, Parrish Farms. Our sows group farrow and in most cases the piglets are self weaned by their mother. This means that they have mom’s milk for generally three months.

Our Hogs

The hogs on our farm are treated with great kindness. We never strike, kick or electric prod them. Our philosophy is simple, we are all on this earth to live. While they are going to become food we want them to live the best and most comfortable life they can while they are here. Just as we are trying to do. You can taste the difference love makes. Thank you for supporting our product!