When one regards the livestock on a farm with the same care, attention, and quality of life that one might offer a beloved household pet or a family member… pets happen.

You’ve already heard us carry on about the commitment that C&D Family Farms has to humane farming practices… practices that are not only right by our livestock, but in the quality of our product. Many of you may even wonder how far Crystal and Dan will go to fulfill that commitment. For the answer, one need look no further than the two accidental pets of C&D Family Farms.

Livin’ large!

Two swine, collectively nicknamed “The Brothers,” had grown so accustomed to the five-star accommodations of C&D Family Farms, that they won’t leave.
Let me explain…
C&D Family Farms doesn’t just provide the finest feed, tend sick and injured livestock with veterinary care, and provide them with a home. The humane practices extend to the way the livestock are herded and corralled. While many herders will use intimidation and cattleprods to herd the swine, C&D Family Farms actively practices positive reinforcement.
Treats… we bait them with treats.
When it comes time to load up the herd to be shipped out, most of the swine are content to follow the trail of reward onto the truck.
Not “The Brothers,” though… never “The Brothers.”
No… these two instead decided the grab up the treats, and mosey over to their own private corner of the farm.

This was no mere one-time occurrence either. It became a regular thing. Every time the treats were laid out, and every time, they would take the goods and run.

Seriously… it became like a recurring gag in a series of cartoon shorts. These two were just living it up in the proverbial Presidential Suite, and recurrently dodging eviction. One could almost see the animated image of Dan looking to the camera to say, “Confidentially, Doc… this means war,” before tiptoeing off to a comically large drawing board to design elaborate plans for a better pig-trap.
Crystal and Dan had come up with a plan: Bigger treats. More irresistible treats. Treats that would demand that the twosome go ALL THE WAY onto the truck for the gate to be closed behind them.
Like the south side Chicagoans that Crystal and Dan are in their heart of hearts, they could imagine no treat more irresistible than pizza.
The bait was set… the trap was ready… and the two took the bait.
Before the gate could close on the truck, though…


Still here!

The two escaped from the truck… bursting out like Redford and Newman at the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, pizza in tow, and charging off to their corner of the farm.
After this last humiliating indignation, many swineherds would just say, “SCREW IT,” and apply more conventional, less humane herding methods.
Not C&D Family Farms, though. Never C&D Family Farms.
No… these two (Crystal and Dan) now keep “The Brothers” as accidental pets.
Maybe one day, “The Brothers” will finally load up onto the truck. Until that day, Crystal and Dan will be at their drawing board.