prairie sunrise photo

Photo by JumpV

There is a huge difference between “free range” and “pasture raised” Those who follow this blog might notice that I’ve mentioned it before. I mention it quite often and for damned good reasons.

Free range is NOT what most people think it is.

The very words conjure up majestic imagery: Vast, broad vistas of the American plains… a horizon sculpted by a breathtaking mountainscape… dewdrops glistening in every sunbeam… and happy chickens roaming as free as nature intended. Hell, one can almost imagine sounds of a power baritone singing show tunes from an off-Broadway production of “Oklahoma.”

prairie sunrise photo

Photo by RomansTenNine

“Oh what a beautiful MOOORNIN’! Oh what a beautiful DAAAY!”

What if I told you that is NOT the case. Allow me to explain.

All USDA definitions of free range refer specifically to poultry. Even then, it defines poultry to be raised for its meat. Free range eggs have no legal definition in the United States, and free range egg producers have no common standard on what the term means. It is a meaningless term when applied to eggs or other livestock, that many other meat and egg-producers have latched onto as a marketing scam.

This means that the supposedly “free range” egg-layers are still subject to inhumane conditions, such as the painful de-beaking of fowl and unsanitary conditions. That’s right… your “free range” eggs from other famers have been plucked up from crap-caked dungheaps in overcrowded huts, filled with tortured chickens.

Fortunately, C&D Family Farms presents you with a humane alternative: pastured eggs!

Pastured poultry was a concept developed by author and farmer Joel Salatin. Joel Salatin tested and applied this practice at his own farm before writing the book Pastured Poultry Profits to promulgate this idea to other farms. Pasture raised chickens have more forage area than free range chickens do. This approach to farming not only fits in with C&D’s ethic of humane family farming, but has gained increasing popularity for its humane treatment and sustainability.

What’s more, pastured farming has been shown to be more nutritious for you, the consumer. Humane AND healthy for the win!

So don’t be duped and roped in by hot-button trendwords, especially when you can find the real deal right here at C&D Family Farms… where our chickens are as happy as our pigs. Crystal will thank you for it. Dan will thank you for it. The chickens will thank you for it. Most importantly, you’ll thank yourself.

Photo by JumpV

Photo by Muffet