As any customer is sure to know, a goal of C&D Family Farms is to raise happy hogs.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Stroll by any of Crystal’s markets and you are sure to find her passing out little tastes of happiness in the form of a doggy treat. Yep, doggies are customers too at C&D Family Farms.

Deborah “The Treat Lady” is a long time customer and fellow dog lover.

She only buys C&D meats because she says, “They are the best”. Take the meat, add a heap of love and Wa-lah, healthy treats for her doggy friend Bumblebee. Bumblebee is a giving soul and has decided to share them at the Division Street Market. Each Saturday Crystal gets a fresh batch of the homemade treats for any doggy to sample and they do. Crystal greets a dozen or so dogs a day and is friends with them all. She is always ready with a treat.

Dog owners care about what goes into the food their dogs eat.

Deborah knows that and uses only naturally raised C&D meats. Meats that do not contain sub-therapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or animal by-products. While you might coax her into sharing some of the ingredients you will not get the recipe out of her. “Nope. It has taken me over ten years to get perfect”, she will tell you.

Deborah “The Treat Lady” hasn’t gotten to the point yet where she sells treats but stop by the market with your doggy friend for a sample. When your doggy tells you she loves it consider a donation to the Anti-Cruelty Society in the name of Bumblebee of course.