A few people have asked: How do the pigs fare in this weather? The big pigs don’t seem to have a problem with it.  We still see them out rooting and doing their normal activities.  We tape up their huts and put up wind blocks so when a bunch of them are in their huts it is nice and warm.  We even see steam coming out of them.  The biggest problem is if piglets are born when it is super cold because they cannot regulate their body heat.  We have had too many of them end up underneath mom trying to stay warm and then they suffocate.  Fortunately, this year we did not have any piglets born during the extreme weather.  I think our next litter is due at the end of February, beginning of March.

pig in snow

The Potbellies

The potbellies do not do as well.  They are not like the farm pigs in that they don’t spend their days out rooting and walking around.  For the most part, they spend their days in the hut or out screaming at us to feed them.  There have been a few days we haven’t heard from them at all.  They stay in their huts and wait for us to bring their food into them.

pig in snow

Not So Easy for Some Pigs

Petey is having the hardest time.  There were even icicles hanging from his belly.  Last winter he was in the house so this is his first winter outside.  We are not cruel, we have tried to get him to come in the house but he refuses.  Mr. Wiggles is our grumpy old man who doesn’t like anyone, pig or human.  On a few of the really cold nights he has allowed Tammy in his hut.  Rooster is our youngest potbelly and this is his first winter.  His best friend is Little Lady who is a regular farm pig.  She is the one that got stuck in the fence last summer and her mother almost killed her trying to free her.  We got to her just in time and brought her into the house.  She got put with the potbellies because she was smaller than them at the time.  Little Lady and Rooster have developed a tight bond so Rooster acts more like the farm pigs.  The two of them spend their days out in any weather rooting and running from one side of their pen to the other.