C&D Family Farms backs that belief up!

At C&D Family Farms we respect the lives that provide for us all. Our humanely raised livestock is provided a happy and loving environment to grow and thrive. C&D Family Farms isn’t just a waiting station for the slaughterhouse, it’s a home. We ensure the quality of life for every resident of C&D Family Farms.

What do we mean by “happy?”

Well… how happy would you be with a day at the beach with friends and family? Take a look in our photo album to see a photo of party pigs at the beach. No… I’m not joking. Party pigs… …at the beach.

Quality of life is not merely the health and wellness ensured by a diet of feed blend free of subtherapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or animal by-products. It’s measured by the quality of every moment within that lifetime. This is how quality of life translates into quality of product… and you can taste the difference.

We stake our business and our reputation on this truth.

Sure… these animals may one day provide for you and your family… but until then, they are living as hogs should in an open environment were they can roam and forage! Seeing is believing, so peruse our photo album for more smile-inducing images of happy livestock, or even come on down to C&D Family Farms to see for yourself!