Welcome to C & D Family Farms

C & D Family Farms is a small family farm dedicated to raising hogs in their natural environment. Our happy hogs are raised on pasture and in wooded areas where they can root and play and just be hogs. They graze on pasture designed for them or eat leaves, weeds, berries and acorns from their large wooded pens. Hogs are very social animals and are kept in droves so they can socialize and prosper. Happy hogs mean great pork!

What Makes Our Hogs Natural

Here at C&D Family Farms, we use a special feed blend by Hubbard Feeds from their Homestead line that does not contain sub-therapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or animal by-products so none of this is passed on to our consumers. We focus our efforts on raising healthy, natural, and happy hogs.

A sample of our little reality series.


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Basque Pork Stew

This is a great winter meal! Ingredients 2 lb Lean pork shoulder 3 tb Olive oil Salt Fresh ground Pepper 2 Onions, thickly sliced 1 c Chicken stock 2 tb Tomato paste 2 Sweet red bell peppers, in strips 10 Garlic cloves, thin sliced 1 ts Paprika 1 ts Dried thyme 1/4 ts...

Grilled Pork Chops with Peach Salsa

This delicious recipe is courtesy Sandra Lee from the Food Network. It serves four, takes about 10 minutes to prepare and 8 minutes to cool. Peach Salsa Ingredients 1/2 red onion, diced (reserve the other half for Online Round 2 Recipe Orzo Soup with Pork) 2 peaches,...

Amanda’s Pulled Pork

What’s better than pulled pork?! This recipe cooks in a crock-pot to perfection… Ingredients 1 (5-7 lbs.) fresh pork shoulder (I like it with the bone) 1 T. Salt (I eye it) 2 T. Sugar (I have tried white and brown, both taste great) 1 t. Pepper 1 * C....