In 2008 we added to our small hog farm by forming a co-op with a group of small farmers that all have the same philosophy about how farm animals should be raised, how they should be treated and what they should eat.  Each farm has a passion for the specific animal they raise.

Mudslide Farm

Mudslide Farm is a small family farm that raises beef, lamb, and goat on pasture. There are no antibiotics in their water. There are also no pesticides used on the grass. The animals are simply outside wandering around eating grass and drinking clean water.

Parrish Farm

For over 100 years Parrish Farms spans five generations.  For the past 50 years Howard Parrish and his family have continued to  breed and raise superior Pure Duroc seed stock.  With the changes in the economy and the rising feed prices the family has been forced to diversify.  With our long time relationship they contacted us about becoming our sole egg and chicken farmer.   We would like to introduce our new chicken farmer, an extension of Parrish Farms and Howard’s son.

Frank, Brenda. their son Clay and their nephew Jordan work with the chickens and have a true love for the birds.  Along with the new farmer we are using a new butcher for the chicken.  We are very happy with both the farmer and the butcher and hope you are equally happy with both.  If you find anything unsatisfactory please let me know.  Another advantage is that we are able to offer items that we couldn’t before like chicken feet and chicken backs.  In time I will have these items on the truck regularly.


Morris Family Farms

The Morris family has been raising sheep for two generations.  They raise lambs for 4-H as well as for meat.  The two children also show their lambs throughout the summer.

The sheep are out on pasture with the protector, Max the Great Pyrenees they have several acres of grass as well as hay grown on their farm.