What’s better than pulled pork?! This recipe cooks in a crock-pot to perfection…


1 (5-7 lbs.) fresh pork shoulder (I like it with the bone)
1 T. Salt (I eye it)
2 T. Sugar (I have tried white and brown, both taste great)
1 t. Pepper
1 * C. Vinegar (Preferred it with apple cider over white distilled) –

Crystal uses apple cider instead of apple cider vinegar
* C. Ketchup
* C. Barbecue Sauce (Sweet Baby Ray a good choice)
Up to 1* T. Crushed Rep Pepper (optional)
Couple dashes of Hot Sauce (optional)


Put crock-pot bag in crock-pot and add pork shoulder. Add vinegar and sprinkle salt and pepper over the pork. Cover (DO NOT LIFT LID DURING INITIAL COOKING 13 HOURS). Turn crock-pot on high for 1 hour and down to low for remaining 12 hours.

Crystal’s note – I only put it in for 8 hours.

Remove from pot and pick meat from bones and fat. Strain liquid and keep 2 cups (If short on liquid it’s ok to just add water or stock to make up difference.) Change crock-pot bag and add pulled pork with 2 cups of strained liquid. Add remaining ingredients to pot and mix well. Cover and cook on high another hour. Serve on fresh buns or over baked beans.