2012 was a great year thanks to all of our wonderful customers.  We came very close to breaking even.  Winters are very hard on the farm and it seems to be the time that things break down.  This year our 2001 Dodge Durango, which has been our farm vehicle is causing us a great deal of problems.  We have had it repaired for now but truly need to replace it with a true farm vehicle like a John Deere Gator or something comparable.

Once spring breaks we are going to have to have the roads on the property redone.  The estimate on this $2,500.  We wanted to have it done before the weather got bad but didn’t have the extra money.  We have had vehicles get stuck and have had to have the tow company come out to pull them out.  This has been a major problem because if the ground is soft and wet we cannot pull the trailer through to take pigs to the butcher.

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