Since the advent of the internet bacon has undergone an apotheosis from a tasty foodstuff into full-on social media deification. All of the major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like) have entire pages dedicated to the subject. Through dedication, memes, recipe-sharing, and popular culture, Its ubiquitous appeal has attributed magical properties to the salty and savory taste that Americans seem to love so much.

Inside of all of us is a Homer Simpson or Ron Swanson that champs at the bit to feel ones lips wrap around bacon’s meaty blessing… to know bacon’s warm rib-stretching embrace on the inside.

Meet Frank Geilen.

A long-standing customer and friend to C&D Family Farms, Frank approached us at our customer appreciation day with a billion kilowatt smile and a faint, implacable accent. Frank is a devotee of everyone’s favorite pork ration, but has stepped forward to help demystify bacon, and share the secrets of its wonder.

He told us how he makes his own bacon using C&D Family Farms’ portions of pork belly.

Although he didn’t provide us exact measurements, his instructions were really quite simple:

1) Seal your pork belly into a brine of salt and sugar for five days, turning it occasionally to ensure a complete brining.

2) Dry it off

3) Smoke that pork belly! Smoke it like Cheech and Chong! Smoke it until it reaches an internal temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

4) Let it stand to a cool.

5) Slice it to preferred thickness.

6) Package your slices into portions for freezing/refrigeration.

While it’s painfully obvious that those weren’t his exact words, the process really is just that simple. Whether you buy C&D Family Farms sliced bacon or follow Frank’s six simple steps to heaven is a matter of your own preference.

A man’s man in every sense of the word, Frank repeats this process every three months to keep his household well-baconed! You can watch his video, hear his exact words, and check out our pork belly in our online store here: .

Thank you Frank! You’re a true hero to the internet and to bacon lovers everywhere!