I know that most people only pay attention to the weather in their area.  However, we have to watch the weather in several areas.  Dan watches the weather constantly to see if I need to make any adjustments to going to the butcher or making deliveries.

Headed to the Butcher

Normally I go to the butcher on Fridays unless I am taking pigs in, then I try to wait until Monday.  On my way home from taking the orders to Tyler for delivery Dan called me and told me that I should go to the butcher today (this was yesterday).  Our butcher is in Union City, Michigan and they were predicted to get upwards of a foot of snow by the next day.  I called the butcher to confirm that my order was complete and then continued on the Indiana Toll road instead of getting off at my normal exit.

Slipping and Sliding

From Chicago until about Chesterton, Indiana the skies were sunny and road conditions were ideal.  Then I hit Chesterton and it changed completely.  I hit the very large band of lake effect snow.  I was driving along and suddenly I was sliding out of control.  I slid back and forth three times before recovering without incident.  At that time there was a car several feet in front of me and one car thankfully several feet behind me.  I slowed down to 30 miles per hour and put on my hazards.  As I progressed traffic became backed up.  There were several miles of complete whiteout conditions.  I saw several slide offs and very bad accidents along my route.

snow plow

Once I was out of it, it was smooth sailing (driving) again.  What normally would have taken me an hour — took me three and a half hours…


Then on my way home it went from bright sunny skies to very dark and heavy snow again.  Fortunately, it was a much shorter trip through the snow band and Emma and I made it home safely.

Travel Bans

Dan and I live in an area that has travel bans.  Sometimes they only allow people out that are going to or from work.  Other times no one is allowed out on the roads expect in cases of emergency.  With all the wide open farmland if there is blowing and drifting the roads become inpassable.

Home Deliveries

Again, I mention that Dan watches the weather very closely.  There may be days that we have to move deliveries forward or back a day or two.  Right now home deliveries are our only source of income so getting your orders to you is important to us.  We hope you understand that we put safety above all else.  If we have to change an order date due to snow we hope you will understand.  Please keep in mind that even if it is not snowing in Chicago it very well could be here or in between here and there.